Oct 22, 2015

Eerie Summer - the way i don't understand anything anymore - 2015

Eerie Summer has a new album out! Yes!!! And it is the last they will make together. Noooo!!!
Maxim from Turku, Finland and Victoria from St. Petersburg, Russia makes lovely melodic indiepop together, and have done so for some time now. Their new album is their best, and I was just about to write “best so far”, but sadly the band won’t release any more songs as a duo. You should definitely buy this one, and I am pretty sure you’ll love it.
I first fell in love with their music when they released the wonderful self titled mini album in 2013, and was very excited when I saw that a new full length album, “the way I don’t understand anything anymore” was out. Bought it instantly and am still very excited. It is really, really good. Really. Really. Good.
The lofi sound that was very present on their debut, is not that present here. This sound better produced, and the songs are also stronger. EDM

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