Oct 27, 2022

TVOD • MANTIS • 2022

"'Mantis' is a blast of driving no-frills punk, capturing both the band’s irrepressible persistent energy and their surprisingly sticky melodies. It very much encapsulates the punk ethos of loud, fast, and simple, with blaring guitars, machine-gun percussion, and jittery melodies driving the track forward."
- Under the Radar

"Beautifully noisy and chock full of lyrics an audience can chant along to, it’s easy to imagine this new single riling up a crowd of concert-goers engaged in absolute mayhem"
- The Big Takeover

"Tearing back through our tympanic membranes like a siren, TVOD has landed back to earth and crashed its ship on the rocky shores of Brooklyn with a brand new single 'Mantis.'"
- Full Time Aesthetic

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