Oct 20, 2017

Advance Base - Same Dream (Version 2) - 2017

You wake from the same dream 
where you get fat 
& to your shock you give birth 
to your old cat 
your neighbor’s snoring 
hear the parakeet 
sit by the window 
& stare down at the street 
sunrise grey & orange streaks 
thirty more weeks 

The morning train 
the crush & sound 
it’s seventeen stops 
before you get downtown 
your stomach’s queasy 
with flashes of heat 
but maybe once that belly shows 
you’ll get a seat 
it roars & it creaks 
thirty more weeks 

Check rental listings 
on your lunch at work 
you could have a real house 
if you just left New York 
a vegetable garden 
a white picket fence 
closer to mom 
& reasonable rents 
a happy place for childhood memories 
thirty more weeks

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