Mar 10, 2017

Fazed On A Pony - D'You | Ideal Hand - 2017

‘D’You’ is a laid back track built from a bright acoustic strum, McCall’s voice gentle and calm if not quite as buoyant as the instrumentation. Indeed, the vocals are what elevate the track into something more complex, a certain nostalgia (and therefore sense of loss) allowed to infiltrate the otherwise warm scene, although it’s far more than a simple juxtaposition between light and dark. Instead, we find McCall on the other side of something, the pain and longing long since eroded to a soft-edged pebble, tepid and tactile and and fitting right into the palm of his hand.

Speaking of hands, the second single is based around them entirely. ‘Ideal Hand’ is slower and sadder, pulling the opposite effect to the opener in that hope or happiness is left to appear between the lines, within the light flicks of instrumentation which appear staccato amongst the melancholy mood. As such, the sense of warmth from the first track persists, albeit threatening to leak away, meaning listening is like lying on stone warmed by summer sun as evening descends. WtD

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