Apr 23, 2016

Horse Jumper of Love - Horse Jumper of Love - 2016

Simon Don't know how to describe this. It's one of those albums that you can put on and drift away to another place. I could have this on repeat for a week

Camryn Marquez I really enjoy this record. This band knows that at the essence of slow, indie rock lies the ability to make the listener feel a very contemporary version of morose that stems from a very pragmatic source- whatever that source is. Listen to this and explore those emotions creeping underneath your every day routine. 

Nick Vidal sprawled on the floor, not sleeping, though not quite awake, feeling the breeze and the cold ground, the sun moves out from behind the trees to bathe you in light. you didn't ask for this; you might have enjoyed your darkness, but you enjoy it nonetheless.

4/21 Northeastern University w/ Elvis Depressedly, Florist 
4/22 Mid East up w/ IAN, Ovlov, Florist 
5/14 Shea Stadium BK w/ Siuox Falls 
5/21 Mid East up w/ Adult Mom, Forth Wanderers 
5/27 Laughing Dog Bicycles, Amherst MA w/ Peaer, Hot Dirt 
5/29 Lyric Hall Theater, New Haven CT w/ Peaer, Queen Moo 
6/12 Northside festival BK 
6/18 Shea Stadium BK

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