Apr 3, 2016

TONER - Passing Glance EP - 2016

On the new EP, we get a continuous stream of gleaming melodies that bounce around a ubiquitous, brooding landscape. The band recorded with Dave Lyndell at Camp David in Portland and the result is something more dense and tangible than their last release. An immediate difference being that the instrumentation and vocals are more pronounced and distinct compared to the somewhat fuzzy blend of arrangements you’d find on their self-titled LP release from last year (noticeable with the re-release of “High & Dry”). The title track “Passing Glance” is a short and droning track, perhaps the most melancholic of the EP, especially in contrast to the other tracks like “Juice” because it doesn’t leave room for the same swirling endorphin rush that grabs hold of you as they break into the chorus. the bait shop

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