May 25, 2020

Beat Hotel • Feel It • 2020

"Catchy, feel-good and memorable, not to mentioned polished in both delivery and production. Just the formula you want in a track that leaves a first impression on the listener. This is a band whose music captures the feeling of living in the whirlwind of love – one that is steadfast and timeless" – The Big Takeover Magazine

"Beat Hotel has achieved a fine balance of power pop, melancholic drifter elements, churning guitar vibes and nostalgic flashbacks" – The Spill Magazine

"Six tracks indebted to their heroes that really hit the mark" – Louder Than War

"A kind of pop circadian rhythm, providing another example of the potential power harbored within that ubiquitous palindrome, P-O-P"
 – Stereo Embers Magazine

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