May 5, 2020

The Smith Street Band • Shine * 2017

Finally not waking up dreaming of your ghost
And music is for everyone
Why was I always the last to know?
No idea how hard it was to get this close
With all this extra baggage
And a graft that will not accept the host
These tattered coat-tails, these torn tennis shoes
I am not smarter than many
But I do think that I'm smarter than you
Dappled sunlight that the warm air reciprocates
You look up long enough to notice
But not long enough to appreciate that

Down here in the flight path
Down here in the flight path, we do our best
Down here in the flight path, we do our best
To keep our heads up

I'll sing loud at water falling on stones
I want well-timed time with friends
And well-timed time that I'll spend alone
Throw my body into insignificant positions
I'm gonna make more starts
Complete more chances and more finishes
Fly through the world like a whirling dervish in a hurricane
Take off my clothes and run screaming in the pouring rain
Kiss people even when I'm pretty sure it's a mistake
And try to find a love that not for a second I'll have to fake

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