Jan 5, 2024

Mol Sullivan • Eggshells • 2023

Still Tryin’ seems like a wonderful scene setter for the album to follow, a swirling storm of ideas and emotions, it feels beautiful yet also fragile, a balloon ready to burst and spill out messy, brilliant humanity - For the Rabbits

Her vocal melodies lilt and flicker above the sinuous aural silhouettes, airy in their approach, but each word is sharper than obsidian. - Foxy Digitalis

Earnest and unflinchingly intimate songs leavened with pop melodies and confident vocals - Various Small Flames

Lana del Rey meets Grizzly Bear in a Cincinnati dive bar - Post-Trash

Mol’s voice is her ultimate weapon. It’s sensitive, rangy, and capable of murmurs, shouts, and chorus-pure melodies - The Revue

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