Jan 24, 2024

Slow Fiction • Apollo • 2024

As the band wrote on their newest release: "The recognition of being in love with what someone could be, but not what they are in reality. Apollo is the god of sunlight and poetry. Perhaps realizing that a person is not a god, without them you can still exist, create, and have a voice. Darkness is the absence of light, but it still has a word and meaning."

The instrumentation exhibited on the track is dynamic and expressive, with each member contributing to create a sense of collective urgency. The guitars of Paul Knepple and Joe Skimmons draw the listener in over the propulsive rhythm section of Ryan Duffin and Akiva Henig. Vassallo’s vocals punch through the mix with a confidence that belies how early the band are in their career.

"Emerging as a synthesis of emotional musicianship and honest lyricism, the band shines on their debut, self-titled EP, showcasing their natural talent and endless potential."
Ones To Watch

"The seismic churn of heavy-hitting guitars; the unrelenting rush of vigorous drums; the delicate, soul-stirring vocals that shine like a beacon of light – hopeful and heartfelt, like a sturdy anchor in life’s stormy seas. Slow Fiction channel inner turmoil into stunning sound on their self-titled EP, a radiant, achingly raw, and beautifully cathartic indie rock record."
Atwood Magazine

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