Jan 23, 2024

Cosmo Sheldrake • Does The Swallow Dream Of Flying (live from the studio) • 2024

I am over the moooooon to finally announce that my new album Eye to the Ear will be released on April 12th 2024.

Pre-order the new album on digital, CD and Double Vinyl here

It has been a wild journey to piece it all together over the last five years. Today am very exited to be sharing the opening and final songs of the album together. The first is ‘Stop the Music’, which I wrote after learning about the extraordinary adventures of an ancestor of mine who had been a pickle and condiment maker. The song slowly fermented, and is now a celebratory stomp exploring themes of consumption, excess, madness, and the possibility of transformation.

The final song on the album is called ‘Does the Swallow Dream of Flying’ which I wrote in a solar powered studio in a shed in Dorset. Here, I try to imagine the world from the perspective of other beings, including a bird, a flower, a river, and the wind. It also features the wonderful vocal ensemble Howl. I am so grateful to all the people, places, creatures, plants, fungi, and sounds that have helped to bring this music into being. I hope you enjoy!

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