Jan 3, 2024

Alice Merton • run away girl • 2024

"['The Other Side' is a] euphoric pop number that explodes with colorful instrumentals and the songwriter’s ecstatic lyrics about coming out the other side in one piece."

"['Loveback'] sets the stage for a powerful indie pop sound, one that’s full of fun, scream-along chorus, but also underscores the album’s prevalent themes of self-reclamation."
Consequence of Sound

"['Blindside' is] an enormously appealing song, groovy and filled with little rhythmic pops, as though Kate Bush stole Paul Simon’s backing band and took them out to perform last call at a disco."
The AV Club

"As a twinkling tune steals focus, Merton’s raw vocals cut through the melody as she battles with her own mind to finally choose what is best for her. While narrating the downsides to being on the 'Same Team' with a person who doesn’t know what’s best for you, Alice samples her blend of alt-pop with an electronic explosion of energy — getting our hearts racing in the process."


  1. https://pixeldrain.com/u/7nwNrKXx

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