Jan 18, 2024

Den Der Hale • Donkey Skin • 2024

"Atonal melodies and unique rhythms are sent through a variety of interesting effects and layered with the slowly developing influence of krautrock, folk and post-rock." 

The Most Radicalist

Enigmatic Swedish post-psych band Den Der Hale are known for their boundary-pushing soundscapes. Today, as the group prepare to play Eurosonic Noorderslag tomorrow, they have release new single 'Donkey Skin'. The track is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming second album, Pastoral Light (out February 2nd via FatCat Records) which showcases the band's ability to meld diverse creative inspirations into a seamless and experimental sonic journey, transcending genres and defying conventions.


  1. https://pixeldrain.com/u/oXgcWJj4

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