Jan 4, 2024

SOLAR EYES • Let’s Run Away • 2024

Infusing their far-out sounds with low-slung guitar lines straight out of a Morricone flick, the latest from the Birmingham psych/pop duo is set at a galloping pace that leaves no time to waste. 

Spaghetti Western and Sci-Fi in equal parts, the duo conjure a score for the extraterrestrial Alamo that never was in this shoegazing, sensory-rushing, tour-de-force.

Surely contributing to its Tex-Mex flavourings, “Let’s Run Away” was written and recorded in Texas last year following Solar Eyes’ debut appearance at SXSW festival. Feeling the desert surroundings and local mythologies seeping into their songwriting, frontman Glenn Smyth recalls of the experience:

“‘Let’s Run Away’ was one of the last songs to be written on the album, it was written in Texas last March when we were out there playing south by. You can sort of hear it as well, there’s that Americana haze type sound. Spaghetti western vibe. I sort of had in my head – now this might sound a bit mad – Tracey Chapman ‘Fast Car’ – in essence. But with a brummie slant. A Bonnie and Clyde type thing.”

Inspired by small-town tales of daylight robberies in times of old and rumours of the last crimes of the infamous duo Bonnie & Clyde, “Let’s Run Away” is alive with drama and intrigue to rival its pulse-quickening pace. As Glenn sings: 

“I hope that given time, you’ll forgive my crimes, I don’t wanna die alone, I love you, I let you go, I’m to blame // I see it all, I heed the call, let's run away…”

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