Dec 22, 2011

LOW - Christmas [1999]

Genre: indie / slowcore / Christmas

One of my all time favourite Christmas Albums... Happy Holidays

When one thinks of Christmas music, one likely doesn’t think of a band that typically plays glacially slow-paced songs that sound more haunted than holly jolly, especially when that band’s name is Low and it’s label’s name is Kranky–names that don’t exactly scream Christmas cheer. Yet, it is the Low album, Christmas, originally released by Kranky in 1999, that I reach for first when I’m able to squeeze something Christmas-y of my own choosing between my wife’s repeat plays of Merry Christmas from Bing Crosby.

One reason for this is opening track “Just Like Christmas,” a surprisingly upbeat, jangly little tune that gets me in a merry Christmas mood more than any other seasonal song I know. That said, Low fanatics and the generally depressed shouldn’t be too thrown by this because Low also brings its own particular band of gravitas to a few more originals as well as some Christmas standards, including “Little Drummer Boy,” “Blue Christmas,” and “Silent Night,” creating a sedate, somber, yet somehow celebratory album for the lonely, dark, early morning hours just before Santa empties his sleigh and heads north towards home, and the sun dawns on another Christmas day. LG

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