Oct 8, 2019

Adrian Prath • Lake Ontario [Full EP] • 2019

"Lake Ontario" - Press Release:
Adrian Prath, the 25 year old from Germany, releases his amazing ‘Lake Ontario’ EP a optimistically wistful ambient adventure. At times spacious and atmospheric and at times upbeat and groove heavy, the fast pace and dance-able rhythms on ‘Rupert Station’ kick the EP into high gear, a stark contrast from the chill down tempo ambient DreamPop that sets the foundation for ‘Lake Ontario’. The track ‘North’ has a haunting guitar melody mixed with psychedelic reverb and effects and crunchy drums that sound like a classic cassette recording. The ever evolving instrumental expands past psychedelia and tip-toes into down tempo experimental funk, another interesting departure from underlying substrate set in the sequence of opening tracks. The closing track ‘2nd Floor’ is indie heaven, dance heavy and heartfelt, the chorus and spacey guitar melody put the listener in a trance-like state. Immediately upon finishing ‘Lake Ontario’ you want to restart it, hearing the tape be inserted one is relieved on the beginning of ‘Hat Away’ , the lofi Indie ballad, not having to actually rewind to revisit this riveting work.

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