May 25, 2023

Zack Keim • Maggie • 2023

"I wrote 'Maggie' after a brief fling I had with a girl here in Pittsburgh. We met in a dive bar at the jukebox when she put a Kinks track on — we hit it off and really had no idea where it was going — but I went home after that night and immediately started writing. My whole goal was to capture that moment of excitement and newness you feel at the beginning of a relationship, hence that Buddy Holly / floor tom stomping thing throughout the song, and that McCartney bass line."

"'Maggie' is insular, steeped in daydream psychedelia, fractured piano chords, and longing melodies. Despite the bittersweet overtone, the track also has a propulsive rhythmic undercurrent and beatific melodic presence, lending it a certain nostalgic joy
Under the Radar

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