May 8, 2023

Terry Ohms • Let's Do Something • 2023

Rock Songs is Terry Ohms13th and newest LP in a 20-plus-years run of Birmingham, AL resident, Wes McDonald releasing an album with one of his several projects or another. In that time he has participated in several truckloads of quality rock n’ roll and general music making, fronting The Ohms at the turn of the century, then Vulture Whale from 2007-2015 and presently playing drums for The Blips and People Years. And of course he still has “his own thing”, Terry Ohms. This is, where in the name of Terry, Wes lets it all hang out. With an indie-rock flair and glare, Terry is not afraid to cross genre lines or turn the tables upside down from one song to the next on an album. With the freedom of being a 100% pure solo project - Terry plays the instruments, sings, records, mixes, and makes the cover art and the videos himself - Terry Ohms is free to fly as close to the sun as he wants. Rock Songs however, is mostly rock songs. Mostly. 

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