May 23, 2023

Castle Frank • For Jamie • 2023

Discussing “For Jamie,” Max noted that, "Jamie is a character I created based on a few people I used to know. It’s a song about their actions and lifestyle and how it was negatively impacting their lives. Whether it’s staying up all night playing video games or lying to and manipulating others for personal and financial gain, it's ultimately about understanding that you can’t help people that don’t want to be helped, and while wishing them the best you have to move on and let go." 

Toronto indie-pop songwriter Castle Frank, aka Max Bergé, released his latest single, For Jamie” today, premiering the track via Spill Magazine. “For Jamie” is featured on Castle Frank’s upcoming debut album, In Your Blood, due out June 23. Additionally, Castle Frank has announced an album release celebration in Toronto, at The Monarch TavernPurchase tickets here.

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