Feb 26, 2016

Tiny Little Houses - Soon we won't exist - 2016

How weird it is to think in 60 years 
We won't exist and everyone 
We've ever loved will just go on 
The sun, the moon will shine above 

And when we're deep beneath the ground 
Our bodies vacant like the sound 
Of empty space where we were born 
The planets dancing all around 

An eternity to drown 
In a cemetery town 
Is haunting me 

The thing that hurts the most 
The saddest part of all 
Is you won't even know 
That I'm missing you 

Do angels sit up high in silver snow 
I'll hope and pray but never know 
Until they hold me by the hand 
I may not ever understand 

When i've lay here in my grave 
The sun has grown until the day 
It's warmth will splutter in the cold 
The glow will finally fade away 

An eternity to waste 
And a cemetery fate 
Is haunting me 

The thing that i'll lament 
What scares me half to death 
Is you won't even get 
That i'm missing you 

I'm missing you 

And i don't want to die, 
I've told myself a lot of lies 
But i fear my second death 
When someone says my name for the last time 

Darling don't you try 
Don't you ever say that you wanted to 
Oh i know that you wanted to 

The strangest part of life 
What keeps me up at night 
Is you'll sleep sound despite 
That i'm missing you.

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