Sep 7, 2015

Rudderless Soundtrack - 2014

Track Listing

1. Home (Billy Crudup) 3:56
2. Over Your Shoulder (Rudderless) 2:32
3. Hold On (Ben Kweller and Selena Gomez) 3:09
4. Sam Spirals (Eef Barzelay) 2:29
5. Beautiful Mess (Rudderless) 2:31
6. Stay With You (Rudderless) 2:31
7. The Two-Year Hangover (Eef Barzelay) 2:21
8. Real Friends (Rudderless) 2:46
9. Asshole (Ben Limpic) 3:13
10. Some Things Can't Be Thrown Away (Eef Barzelay) 1:14
11. Wheels On The Bus (Rudderless) 1:40
12. A Day On The Water (Eef Barzelay) 1:04
13. The Gig Is Off (Eef Barzelay) 3:26
14. Sing Along (Billy Crudup)

"Rudderless - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" (14 songs; 37 min.) packs a LOT of music in a short amount of time. Basically, you can divide up the soundtrack into three groups: first there is the music brought by Billy Crudup's character and/or his band Rudderless; then there is the mostly instrumental and most short tunes brought as intermezzos by Eef Barzelay; and then there is "the rest". Of course it's the Crudup/Rudderless tunes that carry the weight of the movie, and hence get the closest scrutiny. I was surprised how strong Crudup's voice is, check out the opener "Home", but even better yet, check out the soundtrack's (and also movie's) closer, "Sing Along", which he brings with full emotion. I admit it got the best of me as I was watching it on the big screen. Rudderless isn't named after a Lemonheads song by coincidence. Rudderless goes after a similar vibe, check out "Beautiful Mess" and later "Wheels on The Bus", starting out deceivingly slow and then simply exploding. (It makes for a great scene in the movie.) As to "the rest" of the soundtrack, there is an appearance from none other than Ben Kweller at the open mic night in the movie, and that song "Hold On" is included here (I don't know why Selena Gomez is on here, she plays a small if slightly bizarre role in the movie but was not featured on this song). Rounding out things is Ben Limpic. Bottom line: "Rudderless" is a great soundtrack, full of heartfelt performances.

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