Sep 30, 2015

Freja - Ghosts in the Snow - 2015

Freja is a young singer-songwriter who creates delicately minimalist music with a beautiful story behind it. Her debut EP Ghosts is a celebration of Freja’s youth, covering themes of love, loss and life mixed with folklore and elements of gothic romance.

Freja’s vocals feel effortless, authentic and completely controlled throughout with a hint of her London accent coming through, particularly on songs such as ‘Foggy Days’ and ‘Without You’, not unlike artists such as Lauren Aquilina. With delicate vocals and beautiful piano led melodies entwined, the EP gives listeners an intimate insight into Freja’s inner workings and stunning ability as a songwriter.

Freja first started writing songs at the age of nine with dreams of starting a rock band and becoming the next big thing. As time passed, Freja decided she didn’t need a band behind her and ended up with a collection of sincere songs which she can now use at her disposal.

At only 20 years old, Ghosts is an ode to her coming of age. For the EP, Freja chose her four favourite songs she’d written as a teenager, old friends that she’s ready to introduce to the world on her debut release.

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