Sep 23, 2015

Rebecca Everett – “Sting of a Kiss” - 2015

Recording is a delicate and wonderful challenge. Sometimes you get lucky…the earth sighs, the sky cracks open and the universe echoes in approval. This project feels like one of those moments. It’s doubtful that any of this album could exist without periods of the obscurity and loss of faith, for we have to let our former stage of faith die to move onto the next.I think the fear of death arises because we have been programmed to believe we are an object. The creation of this album came from being in a space between loss and faith, a meditation that brings deep, dark hidden mysteries up to the surface to look at.

“Sting of a Kiss” is a spectacularly slow-burning, raw number populated by crunchy, ominous guitars and Everett’s powerful, expressive vocals. If possible, listen while staring out the window as the sun sets and nocturnal creatures come out to play. Give it a listen below. GOP

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