Dec 23, 2015

malojian - Southlands - 2015

Malojian have been through various incarnations, firstly as a duo called Cat Malojian, then briefly as a trio. At the heart of every manifestation, Belfast’s Stevie Scullion – the softly-sung songwriter with a knack for crafting wee-hours folk tunes – has steered the ship safely to port.
Scullion’s second “solo” album is a fuller-sounding affair than its predecessor, thanks to session players who give songs such as Communion Girls and No Alibi an enjoyably idiosyncratic indiepop buzz, and It Ain’t Easy a dreamy flavour.
The skeletal folk tunes are less engaging, with Scullion’s breathy, secretive vocals too slight to command attention in any serious way.
Still, despite a lack of purpose, there is imaginative songcraft lurking in some unexpected places. IT

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