Dec 11, 2015

ÒOR - a​-​da​-​da​-​da - 2015

hello monday, nice to meet you 
hopeful-stupid, guess its mundane 
we come to score 

just want a nice thing, nearly different 
to hold on your nose, pull down your cheek and pour 

if you need me when i’m sleeping 
you can come in through the floor (you'll make it all the way) 
and if you wake when you are sleeping 
you can breathe into the silence of all of these creaky doors 
or you could always be my 

on your chest, you don’t get sick 
sometimes it would be nice to hear some silence as relief 
am i a person? a machine? 
and as a function, i am mean 
i take baths upon your shore 

and in the morning, 
if i’m sleeping, 
you’ll find keys under the rocks right by the other broken doors. 
you could always have a sweatshirt on your waist, 
a different face, for different days, 
or something 

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