Dec 22, 2015

Creature Speak - SHADOW SONGS - 2015

CREATURE SPEAK will sing you lullabies with haunting vocals and shimmering banjo. Crooning stories of ghosts and imagined memories, with a nostalgic sound. 

CREATURE SPEAK is Brittany Brooks

“there are ghosts sleeping in the ceiling of my room…”

The past is a simple place. We can reconstruct it as we like, bit by bit, rewriting the dialogue, changing the mood, placating our egos, surrounding ourselves with the false fronts of selective memories. Imperfection is made perfect through sheer ignorance, naivete or denial. And so it continues, sometimes for years.

Then, someone we love dies.

What follows is the sudden unraveling of the world we’ve made. Its ghosts gripping onto us, as we come to terms with our new, bare and vulnerable reality. That we survive these moments and, if we are lucky, are left feeling emptier and world-worn, is a miracle of human resilience. That someone could actually write words and music to convey this transition so personally and affectingly, is a blessing. Here is Creature Speak, Canadian folk artist Brittany Brooks, who wrote ‘Shadow Songs’ over the two years following the death of her father in 2013. She says that her family had “encounters with his spirit” in the months after his passing – something that she personally didn’t experience, so she needed to find a way to reconnect. GFP

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