Dec 24, 2015

Jay Som - Untitled - 2015

Sometimes I stumble across music that really makes my heart beat faster, and that is what this blog really is for – to share those moments with you. Today, I found this release in my Bandcamp feed, “Untitled” by Jay Som, and for some reason, I decided to press play and was completely stunned by the beauty of it.
Jay Som is Melina Duterte from Brentwood, California, and although she states that this album is a collection of finished and unfinished songs – and that an official release will come in the future – this feels both finished and official enough for me.
It starts really strong with the lovely “Peach Boy”, where her slightly distorted vocals sings out a perfect melody, while layered fuzzy guitars embraces her voice. It continues as stong, with “Ghost”, a song that impresses me with its arrangement and wonderful chorus. There’s still a lot of lo-fi goodness here, and it may be that she refers to as unfinished, but I think it adds so much feeling to the songs.
So many good songs on this album! eardrum music

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