Mar 2, 2015

Lily & Madeleine - Blues Blades Live Session - 2015

Taking a selection of songs from their latest LP, Fumes, Lily & Madeleine have recorded acoustic versions for their new EP, Blue Blades. These acoustic songs highlight the sister-duo’s ever enchanting blood-harmony. Blue Blades includes five tracks from their sophomore LP, Fumes, as well as their version of Alex Turner’s, of the Arctic Monkeys, “Stuck on the Puzzle.”


  1. I will buy this ASAP. I've heard the streams and they're just drop-dead awesome.This is a stunning feature of these ladies' music: Stripped-down acoustic or full-on studio productions, they're both perfect in their own way. That's a big wowser.

  2. This is a great little EP of acoustic tracks... I love these girls; their voices are changing a bit too now, there is a depth that is new to the songs. Get it! Been on heavy rotation since I got it...