Mar 5, 2015

Plastic Bubble - Big Day Parade by Jigsaw Records - 2015

More a collective than a traditional band, Plastic Bubble present to us the follow-up to their delightful debut album (also on Jigsaw), and they've gone and topped themselves! "Big Day Parade" is better in just about every way, from its sound quality to the songwriting to the arrangements, which are even more adventurous than before! Not even 40 minutes long, the album is chock full of short and catchy songs and songlets that bring to mind the heyday of Elephant 6 (also a collective) from bands like Olivia Tremor Control, Chocolate USA and the Marbles; hailing from Kentucky, it's likely they would've been a welcome addition to that family back in the '90s. Come immerse yourself in this fun little record and get lost in their slightly psychedelic indiepop!

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