Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fiery Crash - In Clover - 2015

indie rock / contemporary folk / dream pop

“My mother once gave me this advice: ‘If you ever start to feel like you’re defeated, or your fears have become irrational, don’t wallow in your anxiety. Stop thinking about yourself, and go do something for someone else.’ I don’t believe music is a savior. Rather, it is a gift, to show that, at some point, someone else has been where you are. The opposite of happiness is not suffering, it’s hopelessness. I have placed my hope in Jesus Christ, and I believe that enough to share it openly. However, Jesus didn’t die for music’s sake; He died for you and me. My music isn’t 100% Christian-radio friendly because I believe I’m called to help others through music, and it wouldn’t make any sense to limit my audience to one kind of person.”

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