Mar 12, 2015

Vast Robot Armies - Little Creatures - 2015

A mutual appreciation between 2 bands, Sundiver (John Agee, Joseph Wells) and the original line up of Vast Robot Armies (Jason Thomson) led to a conversation between all parties. This conversation quickly turned into discussion about partnering up. After demos were exchanged and goals solidified, it was evident it was far more than just a collaboration between 2 bands. It was the beginnings of a new band. 

Throughout the summer of 2014 the "J's" began crafting what would become Little Creatures (March 2015). The final piece of the puzzle came in the form of monster drummer Chris Metcalf (The Life and Times) who was very interested in finishing the band off as they made it way into Electronical studios in Chicago, IL. (Oct 20140

3 cities. 2 countries. 1 band. That is Vast Robot Armies.

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