Mar 13, 2015


Opaque and hallucinatory, the music of Reighnbeau acts much like the name: disparate elements drive each other into a graceful conclusion of what at first glance seems abnormal. An alchemist of shoegaze, melancholy electronica and southern rap, Albuquerque native Bryce Fletcher produces a thoroughly personal sound that mystifies before it assaults. 
The darkness of the music is belying of it's inner happiness, however, luring the listener into a mechanical, rainy world that is actually pretty damn fun to spend time in. Songs like "Hush" and "FullofSalt" feel threatening at first - dense layers of ambience and percussion crowd the soundscape to a breaking point until, with gentle ease, a kinder and more loving rhythm kicks in. This formula works spectacularly for Reighnbeau, sharing dark tension with the audience until a purifying breakdown of what I'm going to go ahead and describe as wistful gangsta. 
Hypnotic, danceable and inspiring, it is music from a not-too-distant future. The powerful combination of fear and rapture are well at work here, and it is surely only a matter of time before Reighnbeau is headlining your next catacomb throwdown. 
~ Nathan New 
Local iQ, 2013

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