Mar 25, 2015

Tessa Rose Jackson - (Songs From) The Sandbox - 2013

Like many young women, 22 year old Tessa Rose Jackson is passionate, ambitious and committed, as eager to laugh as she is sensitive to heartache. What distinguishes her from her contemporaries, however, is the nature of her songs: often written, arranged, produced and performed by Jackson alone in the small studio she’s built at home, they are, put succinctly, unusually worldly wise, and sound little like the work of someone so young. 

The Brit School graduate’s debut, (Songs From) The Sandbox, was released on Jackson’s own label, Monocle, in 2013. Its songs found a regular home on Holland’s key radio station, 3FM, and the country’s leading TV show, De Wereld Draait Door, who invited her to perform twice. Still, though, she felt her work could be improved, and the wealth of music that has subsequently emerged swings from delicate to jubilant, from brooding to graceful, and is never less than sophisticated and flawlessly crafted. Though she and her peers may share many of the same virtues, one thing’s certain: Tessa Rose Jackson boasts a rare, exceptional talent.

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