Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Top Bandcamp Discoveries 2014

Katie Deter pens simple yet lovely tracks. I really got into this little release in 2014, it really brought me back to thinking about my beautiful daughter, growing up in a cold world. The music is fairly straightforward but the lyrics are adorable and innocent; her voice is the kicker, so unique and distinct it got me coming back again and again. And it is free too... Well if you feel like scrooge that is! Awesome release. 
I can't wait till she matures only slightly and pens her next release.

adult mom is again a wonderful little release, however there is a tad more of an edge to these short and fast paced songs. The backdrop has more of an indie garage feel, but the lyrics again are great; maybe because of my daughter getting older, after all these are growing up songs... 
Raw, true through and through!

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