Dec 16, 2014

Top Songs of 2014: Kevin Morby - Motors Running

Kevin Morby's second solo release is a gem of an affaire, choosing one song is a hard thing for me to do; but the driving charge, sultry vocals and the electric jangle makes this track an often played occurrence round my parts! I recommend the whole album, but hey I had to choose...

From Pitchfork

The short, spirited "Motors Running", a none-too-fond fare-thee-well to a fellow traveler, gives you almost nothing in terms of backstory: "We had just gotten started," Morby sings, "with black shadows coming out of your door." But in just a few lines, he manages to tell you everything you need to know: you can stay, Morby seems to be saying, but I've gotta keep moving. Throughout Still Life, Morby will introduce a character or describe a situation, but you never get the sense that these are permanent fixtures in Morby's life so much as markers on the long, oft-lonesome road he's traveling on.

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