Dec 12, 2014

Dave Kerzner - New World - 2014

Dave Kerzner, formerly of "Sound of Contact", has a variety of Progressive Rock projects that utilize the sounds of his company Sonic Reality. Besides music as a solo artist Dave has created “Sonic Elements”, a fantasy band that features iconic guests like Steve Hackett (Genesis), Keith Emerson (ELP), Billy Sherwood (Yes), Francis Dunnery (It Bites), with SR drums from Neil Peart, Nick Mason...

Dave Kerzner is a songwriter, producer, keyboardist and vocalist from Miami, Florida. Over the years, Dave has worked with many artists and producers ranging from Kevin Gilbert to Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett, Steven Wilson, Crowded House, Genesis and more. He is known in the “Prog World” as a founding member of the award-winning band “Sound of Contact”. He is also the CEO/founder of the popular sound development company “Sonic Reality” that creates music software products used world-wide by top artists in the music industry. Dave’s work with Sonic Reality includes co-productions with legendary artists and producers such as Alan Parsons, Ken Scott, Neil Peart, Nick Mason and more. After many years working behind the secnes with other artists, Dave decided it was time to take center stage as lead vocalist and put out his debut Progressive Rock album “New World”.

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