Sunday, December 21, 2014

Brown Bird - The Brown Bird Christmas Album - 2014

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Philippe Tremblay For me, this is the only Christmas album worth owning.Favorite track: Jack Frost and the Hooded Crow.
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Stirling Everly A really genuine Christmas album. Despite the fact that Brown Bird dabbled in some different styles, all of the songs still have the Brown Bird feel.Favorite track: Seraphim and Stone.
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Ryan Valeri the release of this album has given me an unexpected dose of what can only be described as the Christmas Spirit, thank you for sharing!!!!Favorite track: Seraphim and Stone.

One night in mid-December of Dave's and my first year together, we were snowed in, drinking strong eggnog and dressing up in each other's winter clothes when we decided to take our silliness one step further and write a holiday song. "The Old Church Bell" was the first song we ever co-wrote. We had so much fun with it that that same night we recorded a version of "Silent Night" too, using almost every instrument we had in the house- just having fun with it and each other. Every winter since then, we kept the tradition of recording a few Christmas songs, which we would hand-package and give as gifts to our families. This year, I thought it'd be special and important to make these songs available to our extended family, in an effort to send something fun into the world and keep Dave's cheerful, fun-loving spirit alive. 

The Brown Bird Christmas Album features artwork by our friend Ryan McLennan, and is only available at for a limited time. 
Happy Holidays! 

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