Dec 13, 2019

The Rentals • 9th Configuration • 2019

Mai and Sharp returned to this magical place multiple times to explore the endless visual possibilities contained within the 15’ x 15’ mirrored cube. Mai on the experience said, “It was extraordinary. You could simply stand in one place and everything around you would change… the lighting conditions, the depth of field, the mood of the room itself all were in constant flux.” Inside the ever-changing mood swings of “ILLUSION”, Sharp was inspired, with some urgency, to find a way to share this experience with folks that may be on the outside of the interactive art community. With this, he invited the two European born artists, Cabrera (Barcelona) & Duverger (Paris) to expand their creation with the help of Chinese designer/director, Yuan (Wuhan, China) and the result of this unlikely global collaboration is a six-minute, trance inducing, lyric video for The Rentals’ "9th Configuration".

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