Dec 13, 2019

Best of 2019 • Field Medic • used 2 be a romantic

“Used 2 Be a Romantic” is the second advance track from Fade Into the Dawn, following its stellar lead single “Henna Tattoo,” which we highlighted as our Daily Dose upon its release. Where “Henna Tattoo” was concerned with the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding a tenuous romantic connection, “Used 2 Be a Romantic” finds Patrick coping with other problems: the everyday stresses of being a touring musician. “I used to be a romantic / now I’m a dude in a laminate,” Patrick laments, looking back on a show gone wrong (“Those fuckers talked over my whole set”). The singer-songwriter resolved to quit drinking while recording his new album, only to return to it halfway through a particularly grueling run of shows, an uphill battle manifested by lines from “Used 2 Be a Romantic” like, “I can’t see shit, I’m blinded by the light / I swore that I quit but I need a drink tonight.” It’s an honest look at how hard and dehumanizing the daily grind can be—a reminder that artists are also just people.

I need a cigarette
Those fuckers talked over my whole set
But I don't have any time to reflect
I gotta sell some shirts to try and make the rent

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