Dec 20, 2019

JoJo Worthington • Palingenesia • 2019

I stay inside 
and watch the earth refine to snow and ice 
In Canada there's a sale on at Canadian Tire 

Gloria! There's a Christmas tree in every shopping mall 
Throw up your hands! For the Lord of all is a gift card to The Gap. 

O, family tree 
All the mysteries that have been revealed 
Our table gets smaller every year 
We disappear in the snow 

In America, there's a girl that's gonna be a star someday 
In Bethlehem, there's a boy whose gonna give himself away 

My grandpa died in the nursing home ten years after his wife 
She fell down and we spent Christmas wearing hospital gowns 

Gloria! For the Lord of all has come to earth at last 
Fall on your knees, for the gifts he brings are never gonna pass

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