Dec 19, 2019

Best of 2019 • wished bone • Sap Season

I usually write something resembling a song every day. I don't work on a farm at the moment but do have an edible garden at my house, as well as orange, lemon, grapefruit, fig, peach and nectarine trees. Music is the most freeing thing i've ever felt. The first tier of freeness happens when I write the words down, the second when i put them to music, the third - recording and releasing them. and then each time I perform them another little piece of memory or sadness is released again. It branches out in infinite dimensions to where, finally, at the end of it all, I begin to feel peace with reality.

Wished Bone is the recording project of LA-via-Ohio musician and plant biologist turned bartender Ashley Rhodus. She calls her songs “dark twee”; The Fader's take is “unhurried, comforting indie-rock with an edge.” Following her full-length debut in 2018, she returns with the self-released Sap Season, a collection of warm and modest stories embracing the ephemeral and ordinary details in life. Produced by Phil Hartunian, with contributions from instrumentalist Wandering Lake.

I’m not gonna lie, I was tempted to put a click-bait title on this album review. Why? Well, I’m used to straightforward femme-centered indie rock being sad, and the vibe off the bat with Wished Bone is usually sunny. Warm guitars and airy, conversational vocals make a statement that’s unusually pleasant in sound for a song titled “Hold Me.”

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