May 15, 2015

Tanlines – Highlights - 2015

Say this for Tanlines: They're committed to the bit. To premiere their forthcoming second album, Highlights, for fans and press, the Brooklyn dance-pop duo chose a highly unusual medium: a dial-in conference call, that bane of all corporate drones and a medium that boasts the general audio fidelity of two cans and a string. RSM

Highlights is not your four-to-the-floor indie-electro album. There are dance elements (“Slipping Away,” “Pieces,” and “Thinking”), but that has never been Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen’s goal with Tanlines. Liked Mixed Emotions, Highlights could’ve easily been this big-sounding album. Instead, there’s an intentionally restrained ease to it. It’s like Emm and Cohen see the road they could travel on, but choose to stay where they are because it’s comfortable. And that’s fine—great, even. nylon

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