May 26, 2015

THE CATENARY WIRES - Red Red Skies - 2015

There are eight delicious songs, starting with “Intravenous”, which we already heard as the advance single. It’s a beautiful song that explores the mutual dependency that happens in romantic relationships and the subsequent loss of control of your own fate, and also the fear of dying and leaving the other person. “When You Walk Away” talks about those relationships that you begin with the full knowledge that they won’t last. Inspired by Leanne Shapton’s novel “Important Artefacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris: Including Books, Street Fashion and Jewelry”, its raw vocal reminiscent of Karen Peris’ and Paula Frazer’s. “A Different Scene” leaves us with a sense of resignation and with the image of confetti suspended in the air, dancing at the will of the wind. It’s the sweet taste of sadness. “The Records We Never Play”, however, shines with the brightness of MOJAVE 3 and the solemnity of TARNATION, taking us into a relationship that reinvents itself from the smallest details up. Another postcard from our journeys of the heart. 

“Throw Another Love Song On The Fire” gives us even more brilliant lyrics, telling the story of heartbreak, but it is also a satire of songs about heartbreak. Superb, with the depth of Rob’s voice evoking Johnny Cash, while he sings “thanks for making me unhappy” and invokes Stephin Merritt. “Too Late, I Love You” moves us with its delicateness, like an innocently whispered confession, the admission of a weakness that makes beauty and emotion suddenly appear. “Like A Fool” has classical structures, a perfectly constructed song with a bare acoustic guitar, showing love in its simpler, more naive, appealing form. “Things I Love” closes the mini album with a list of records, artists, painters, and directors that our authors adore, increasing the feeling of intimacy and of this album being made to be told and sung, whispered and delivered, with hands open and palms up. 

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