May 13, 2015

Amber Edgar - Good Will Rise - 2015

Excellent release… Check it out!

“The sound is sophisticated and exciting, and with a good dose of melancholy.” — Bands of Tomorrow

My earliest musical influences were my grandmother playing old-time waltzes on the piano, renting movies with my mother from a VHS shop called Movie Magic, and a few tape cassettes she bought me at the local gas station — Mozart, Fred Penner and Fraggle Rock. I didn't experience many modern albums until I was a teenager.
When I was young, I taught myself to sing by recording my voice with a toy tape-recorder. I would pluck individual guitar strings and matched the notes with my voice. Originally I was fairly tone-deaf but slowly managed to get better. 

Good Will Rise proved to be a difficult collection of songs for me to record.
Yet, I felt they were worth sharing with others because they speak to common experiences — depression, unrequited lust, grief, etc.

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