May 2, 2015

Brown Bird - Axis Mundi - 2015

Iorgs2 Brown Bird gets loud! An outstanding final record, by a largely underrated band. Seen them live, and wont ever forget it! Cheers 

Lee Mason I hadn't heard of Brown Bird an hour ago. Now I can't wait for this album to arrive! 

Christian Mecca An incredible album cementing the legacy of one of independent music's most important acts. Thank you Brown Bird.

The sixth and final album from the boundary-pushing folk/Americana duo Brown Bird begins, fittingly enough, with dirgy, mournful strumming on a lightly electrified guitar that brings to mind what, say, Mark Lanegan feels like on a particularly downcast Sunday morning.
Like several songs on Axis Mundi, the reverb from the amp tailing lightly within the space of the room in which it was recorded gives the music an immediacy that’s almost too close for comfort. Of course, this is the kind of “discomfort” that we look for in music, the kind that puts us up close and personal with the people who made it and makes it impossible to keep a casual distance from what they were going through when they made it. diff

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