Apr 1, 2020

Tom Rosenthal • 157 • 2020

Happy April my friends! 

Because you are the special ones, the ones in the inner circle, the great ones etc I didn't want to play an April Fools trick on you like I've done to the folk who only have Instagram. So... for the last few years I've been releasing a new song on April Fools day and this years one is as song called '157' which is essentially me singing my way to the number 157. It's eleven minutes long lol. And to be honest I've never put more time into a song than this one. It's got many different instrumentalists in it, 11 guest voices, my kids voices, and 2 separate choirs. In many ways it might just be my fave song I've ever made. It also has such a great animation. 
Anyhoo here it is 

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  1. My sister just sent this song. I love it... Especially with the accompanying video.