Apr 14, 2020

Kevin Morby And Waxahatchee • Tiny Desk (Home) Concert • 2020

On the raw video Kevin Morby and Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee) sent to us, Kevin takes a deep breath, gives a sweet smile as he looks into his camera, clasps his hands, and says, "Hello everyone, we're going stir crazy — this is take number 55." The performance, though, feels fresh and relaxed. Recorded at Kevin's tiny desk in Kansas City, they play two songs from Waxahatchee's new album Saint Cloud, sing together on Kevin's 2016 tune "Beautiful Strangers," and find new meaning in the late Jason Molina's song "Farewell Transmission." NPR

"Beautiful Strangers"
"Farewell Transmission (Songs: Ohia Cover)"

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