Apr 11, 2020

Tale of Two • "demons" • 2020

“Swallow the lies of the lullabies. Sweet melodies keep you blind. Twinkling diamonds they look so high as we look up from the gutter to the sky."

“Tale of Two’s darkly psychedelic Folk soundscapes works in perfect synergy with their poetic lyrics which keep to the archetypal Folk-style lyricism allowing you to become immersed in the narrative of the single.” - Amelia Vandergast for Corvid Culture
“Hypnotically mesmerising” - Wavebyte

“Tale of Two have that natural, easy-flowing chemistry that makes most songwriting partnerships work.” - Clash Magazine

“Tale of Two, they make the worst of times, and of human nature’s seamier side into the best of times – carefully crafted songs lit by a mixture of gas lamp and garish neon.” 
- Nick Hutchings of Velvet-Sheep

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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zky288klj84mfuy/AABZjO5T_I4A57NELayePPxZa?dl=0&preview=Tale+Of+Two+-+Demons.wav