Jun 5, 2016

Looks Like Mountains - quick, before we're all dead! - 2016

Looking like a mountain doesn’t make you a mountain and, as such, just as this little gem of a record might appear somewhat faint and skeletal on first, second, third listen it doesn’t make it so. In fact, for all the slightness of its initial demeanour, the record grows and grows with repeated listens, slowly transforming in to a hardy and brilliantly robust collection of songs.

The project of Jack Mohr, ‘Quick, Before We’re All Dead‘ is a tender piece of guitar pop, small little figurines that are brought to life with the added instrumentation that often creeps in and, more pertinently, by the sheer strength of its convictions. Mohr’s grainy voice is like a drunken stumble through the dark; not particular steady but always fully aware of where it’s intending to reach. In much the same way, the album is extremely fleeting, eight songs all under three minutes, many half that, which tend to consume you for the moments they exist before suddenly departing, leaving but a little a glow of recognition somewhere in the back of your mind.

From the burned-out ‘twining‘ to the more solid frameworks of the eminently pretty ‘waiting to tell you‘ and the Trust Fund-like strut of closing track ‘everything is ok‘, Looks Like Mountain’s have crafted an odd but wonderfully endearing record here, and while it might last for only the briefest of flashes, it’s certainly one that will linger in the memory of those that got to see it. golfflakepaint

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