Jun 26, 2016

a certain smile - For Ian - 2016

Raised on a steady diet of sarah records singles, slumberland noise pop, and creation era shoegaze, Portland's a certain smile work hard to find that balance between the sweet twee, the fuzzy gaze, and punky pop. Having spent years bubbling over in Philadelphia, a certain smile has taken to it's new Pacific Northwest home with aplomb and are now ready to start bringing their noize to the kids!

This is a benefit for our drummer Ian White who was hit by an SUV while on his scooter. He is currently in the ICU at OHSU hospital and has a long road ahead of him in terms of healing, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. We do not yet know the long-term effects of his head trauma and his many broken bones. We all wish him well and a quick recovery. Every cent we get from this download will go to Ian to help with expenses. 

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